Part One: Rick Ferrell, Knuckleball Catcher

picture of Rick tagging out Phillies catcher Charlie Wagner in June 1941

Behind the Plate 1905 - 1949

Picture of Wes and Rick Ferrell, Baseball Card Picture
Wes and Rick Ferrell

The book divides into two parts along the seams of Rick’s life: catcher with the Browns, Red Sox, and Senators, and front office executive. Against the backdrop of the Great Depression and World War II, Part One describes Rick’s North Carolina youth and subsequent 18-year major league catching career (1929-’45, ’47). Tales abound of Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, Joe DiMaggio, and brother battery-mate, pitcher Wes Ferrell.

Part I: Behind the Plate

  1. 1905-1928: Early Life in North Carolina and the Minors
  2. 1929-1932: Rookie Years with the St. Louis Browns
  3. 1933-1934: The Red Sox, First All-Star Game, and Wes
  4. 1935-1937: Beantown’s Brother Battery
  5. 1937-1941: Ferrells Traded to Washington Senators
  6. 1941-1943: Back to St. Louis as World War II Heats Up
  7. 1944-1945: Catching Four Knuckleballers
  8. 1946-1949: From Catcher to Coach
Rick Ferrell Batting